The Discovery of EnviraChar

EnviraChar is a versatile byproduct of the Enviranization process which is, as it turns out, highly effective at improving the condition of soils at risk of acidification. EnviraChar is made by Envira’s proprietary heat process.


A stronger, Earth-friendly Alternative to Fertilizer

Because the choice of "feedstock" greatly influences EnviraChar's key chemical and physical properties and each different environment affects results, EnviraChar has many applications. Learn more about the many applications below.

About Us

An Experienced Team

Our team of executives has over 90 years of experience in the environmental management and engineering industry. It is our dedication to the environment, to our research and to EnviraChar that makes our organization such a success.

Boost your crop production and cut reliance on fertilizer

EnviraChar Holds the Potential To Mitigate Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gases

The potential for EnviraChar technology to achieve carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas mitigation is very great. The realization of its potential is determined by several key factors:

  • Sustainably harvested, renewable biomass resource
  • Highly efficient production technology
  • Long-term stability of EnviraChar in the soil
  • Utilization of the co-produced EnviraCarbon bioenergy to displace fossil fuel energy sources

The EnviraCarbon Companies

Envira Char

The EnvirAnized™ BioFuel technology developed by Envira is THE solution to the costly challenges placed by strict government mandates.

Envira PAC

The EnviraPAC Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is the only powder activated carbon in the world produced in an environmentally friendly way.